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Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

Here in the store, we carry a variety of quality products for your wild bird needs. We understand the hobby of bird watching and encourage its growth and interest among our Pinellas County area neighbors. We suggest the following products from Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor to both create and enhance a successful backyard habitat:

Anyone can create a backyard habitat at home with WBUs Advanced Pole System and its accessories!

Check out WBU’s Advanced Pole System! This awesome multitasking, bird watching tool is one of a kind! Its modular design makes it perfect for any location where you desire a more substantial bird watching experience! The APS can be used in open yards, on decks and even in small patios where space for bird watching activities is limited. Take a look at the APS video and decide for yourself the best way to use this great wild bird watching tool for your home!

Jim’s Birdacious Bark Butter, the gold standard of suet wild bird food is here to bring in all of Florida’s favorite wild birds to your backyard habitat. Made with fortified seed and suet, and held together in a creamy peanut butter base, this food is the go-to-source for many of Florida’s most colorful wild birds such as Blue Jays and Cardinals! Yummyyyyy!

Wild Birds Unlimited’s Eliminator Squirrel Proof Feeder helps to ensure Florida’s favorite wild bird visitors can feed without losing seed to pesky furry friends like Scooter and his bunch… sorry, Scooter! Closing safely as they perch, Florida’s wild birds can safely feed while any larger weight, from a squirrel or other visitor, softly closes the seed ports so no seed is lost. Excellent idea and an incredible design!


dinner bell feeder

Wild Birds Unlimited’s Dinner Bell Feeder creates a perfect feeding spot for Florida’s wild birds to perch and feed in comfort. Perfect for use with WBU seed cylinders or loose seed, suet or even nuts and meal worms, this versatile feeder can be adjusted to suit any preferred bird type from large to small!

wbu woolyWant to help Florida’s wild birds with their nesting habits? Try some of Wild Birds Unlimited’s “Woolies” Nesting Materials! This clean, thick and abundant nesting material offers all of Florida’s wild bird species supplemental nesting items for use year round!

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

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