It’s October in Florida! Time For… Weird, Wild Bird (and other) Profiles! Scooter Aint Skeere’d!

Northwood Commons Backyard Bird Blog!

Scooter wants to eat your seeeeed!!!Thanksgiving has Turkeys. Christmas has Cardinals and Doves. But Halloween tops them all with a load of fun and interesting –some would say, “creepy”– flying denizens of the sky just waiting to swoop down and wreak havoc on…. seed stores and bugs! What? Did you think we’d suggest something more sinister? Naaahhh... most fears related to Florida’s less-than-cuddly flying things are completely unwarranted. This week, we open the month of October with a Halloween theme beginning with one of the most misunderstood creatures to grace Florida’s evening skies… the ever-elusive… BAT!

According to WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor partner, the Florida Bat Conservancy, Florida welcomes 13 different species of bat. Of this 13, seven are what they call, “accidental species” who may not live here but do visit. However, all of Florida’s bats are insectivores, meaning they dine on bugs and not…as many believe…on the pale…

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A dynamic update on the Migratory Bird Banding Project in Hammock Park, Dunedin, Florida.

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