It’s May, Florida! Time to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Wild Birds Unlimited!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching in Wild Birds Unlimited’s Northwood Common’s backlot and Scooter and his Florida wild bird pals have some great ideas on how you can help –and celebrate- Florida’s wild bird Moms while remembering your own this year!

wbu woolyFlorida’s wild bird moms could use a helping hand as they build and feather their nests. Try handing them some of WBU’s Woolies Nesting Materials to help them out. Placed under trees, shrubs and other areas where birds frequent, woolies will help Florida’s wild bird Moms to keep a clean, healthy and comfortable nest for their growing wild bird babies.

Find the perfect spot in Mom’s yard and surprise her with a brand new nesting box! Many mother wbu nest boxbirds love a great nesting box in which to raise their young. Nesting boxes can be placed nearly anywhere and make an excellent gift for Moms who need to take a break and relax with some nature!

fundamentals squirrel feeder table an chair wbuScooter says don’t forget the furry Moms out there! Yes, squirrels and their ilk tend to be a bothersome factor for many wild bird watchers. But, they are a valuable and important part of Florida’s ecosystem so let’s give squirrel Moms a break too with some nuts, seed and a great spot to sit with a WBU squirrel feeder!


Help your backyard habitat wild bird moms with dinner, too! Brooding hens need all the nutrition they can get. Offer them fortified seed and suet to help keep them strong as they raise their babies.

No matter the spot, no matter the gift, no matter the day… let’s honor mothers from all walks of life -and all sides of nature- for the love they give, the nurturing they offer and for encouraging us to fly when our own wings were so small and unsure! 

Happy Mother’s Day from Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor, Florida!


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