Scooter is Talkin’ Turkey for Thanksgiving! Florida’s Own Osceola Turkey!

Northwood Commons Backyard Bird Blog!

Put down the knives and forks, folks. We’re not giving out recipes on how best to prepare these Florida favorite wild birds for our Thanksgiving tables. We are, however, going to take a look at their history and learn why they are far more than just a seasonal menu item.

Named after the great Indian Chief, Osceola by Naturalist W.E.D Scott in 1890, Scott’s observations of this particular bird noted that, unlike the eastern wild turkeys, the Osceola (also called the Florida Wild Turkey) held a more iridescent sheen with less brown or bronze shading. It’s size was also noticeably different. Smaller and slightly darker than its eastern counterparts, Scott surmised that this bird’s stature and coloring were well-suited for Florida’s pine woods, marshes and flat scrub areas where they reside.

Exclusive only to Florida, the Osceola turkey courtship begins with the males’ resonance of loud, shrilling gobble sounds. When a female nears…

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