Southwest Florida Eagle Cam loses Ozzie the Bald Eagle

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It’s always a sad thing when a creature so beloved passes away, but when it’s a symbol of strength, grace and endurance, the sting is especially harsh.

It is with a sad heart that Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor announces the passing of Ozzie, the bald eagle featured in the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam live feed. Partner to Harriet,  his mate, Ozzie has been in an out of rehab for several months now. Having suffered a broken wing in March of 2015, Ozzie spent time at the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) on Sanibel where he was treated and released after his recovery. Unfortunately, it is believed that another male eagle moved in with Ozzie’s mate, Harriet (not uncommon in the lengthy absence of a mate), and the two males were seen fighting on September 20th, with Ozzie being further injured while defending his nest.

After several days of absence, Ozzie was found, injured, in the backyard of a local Florida residence where he was collected and taken back to CROW for further and continued care.

With issues that included septicemia as well as puncture wounds, lacerations and broken talons and toes, Ozzie was not able to survive despite the attentive care and wonderful support of the staff at CROW. Ozzie passed away September 29th while still at the CROW clinic.

It is a sad event, showing us that nature, in its seemingly unfair designs, can often carry very brutal ends. However, this is its needed architecture. It assures the strongest endure in a world where strength is the most important factor of survival of any given species. Ozzie’s offspring survive because of his strength.

We will miss his aerial acrobatics and his grace, beauty and devotion to his mate Harriet.

The live feed from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam will remain running and we hope to see how things develop with Harriet after Ozzie’s absence.

Thank you, Ozzie.

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