It’s September and Florida’s Sqirrels are Making Woopie and Having Babies. What to do when they invade?

Fox Squirrel Ok, we do like them, sort of… Florida’s squirrels, I mean. Scooter is a favorite, of course. They’re cute. They dance and climb our patio screens and chase one another up tree trunks, but let’s face it, they’re a nuisance. And August and September are when Squirrels can be at their most active. They’ve nested and have had babies and are looking to show them the world… the wild bird seed world… in our feeders… in our yards… that we pay for. ***Siiiiiggghhh***

Let’s take a look at a few of Wild Birds Unlimited, Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s favorite squirrel prevention products and see if we can’t stave off the invasion and save some of our hard earned wild bird seed dollars:

One of our most popular products, The Squirrel Eliminator:

By creating a barrier to the seed chamber, WBU’s high quality Squirrel Eliminator wild bird feeder, thwarts nearly all seed loss. Using a platform perch where birds may sit comfortably to feed, while the weight of a squirrel (or other heavier animal) will gently close the seed openings, this is a safe and sturdy solution to your squirrel seed stealing problems.

If you already own one of WBU’s Advanced Pole System feeders, then a baffle will work to discourage squirrels and raccoons from taking advantage as well. Sturdy, practical and simple to apply, baffles are a terrific solution to a consistent squirrel problem.

Follow these tips to help keep your feeders free from furry invasions:

  • Place feeders well away from trees, fences or trees where squirrels may easily gain entry.
  • Create an alternative spot in your Florida backyard habitat that is squirrel-friendly. Use WBU products containing nuts, fruit and seeds that squirrels will enjoy, and set them away from your wild bird feeding stations.
  • If you can’t beat them, join them. Give up! Place feeders close to wherever squirrels frequent your yard, provide them with whatever seed and feed you share with your wild birds and then pull up a chair and enjoy. Sometimes, it’s best to let nature take its course and just go with the flow because, as pesky as they are, squirrels sure are fun to watch.

WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Florida

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