School’s In and the Kids are Out, Pinellas County! Scooter says it’s time to relax in your own tiny piece of backyard habitat paradise!

backyard habitat3It’s August, Pinellas County… and we all know what that means! School is IN and the kids are out of the house. Time to relax and enjoy the wild birds in your very own Florida backyard habitat. Scooter and Vinny don’t have children, plus… they’re lazy, BUT… if they did have children, and if they weren’t so lazy, they’d be dancing in the branches over the excitement of indulging in all the great Wild Birds Unlimited products we can use to create an inviting and relaxing spot to sit back, relax and enjoy our backyard wild bird guests for the eight hours the kids are out of the house.

Take a look below to find which products you can use to carve out your own piece of wild bird watching paradise right there at home:

Location, Location, Location: Take advantage of the trees. Set up a comfortable chair, hammock or chaise beneath a hanging branch. Above (out of the way for obvious reasons) hang one of WBU’s seed cylinders. Long lasting and convenient, wild bird seed cylinders come in a variety of seed mixes to attract any number of preferred wild birds to your Florida back yard habitat.

wbu bird bath cardinalsWater Source: It’s hot. We feel it and so do the birds. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by splashing in a cool bath? Provide a Wild Bird’s Unlimited’s bird bath nearby and watch the fun begin. Florida’s wild birds often indulge in bathing for both grooming and to keep cool in the rising, sometimes dangerous, Florida temps. Place nearby in a shaded area and clean and replace the water as needed to ensure your backyard guests have a safe and healthy water source.

Attract a Few Hummingbirds: There’s nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in the shade hummingbird feeder wbuand suddenly seeing a Hummingbird flit past. Hummers are agreeable to being near humans when feeding and can sometimes be seen taking in nectar very close to their human providers. Hang a WBU Hummingbird feeder very close to your chosen spot and wait for the tiny jewels to stop by. Change out the feeding solution and clean the feeder often to avoid spoilage.

mowing lawnPoints to Ponder: Plan carefully to ensure you’re not too close to noise where your Florida wild bird guests will be startled easily by air conditioning units, pool pumps or other disturbing intrusions.

Trim hedges, branches and brush from areas so your viewing may be enhanced and your wild bird guests will be better able to take advantage of the products you have provided for them.

Carl working with Customer white boardIf you’d like a certain type of bird to visit, come to the Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in Clearwater/Safety Harbor and speak with one of our associates to better learn which seed and feed is suitable for the type of bird you’d prefer. We’re always eager to show our friends the best and most healthful way to attract Florida’s wild birds to their back yard habitat areas.

Check out the video below to discover ways you can attract more of Florida’s wild birds to your backyard habitat paradise using convenient seed cylinders from Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor.

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop 

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