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Scooters Top Five Wild Bird Summer Fun Activites for Kids!

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

So, what is everyone doing while the kids are home from school and rampaging through the house? Sitting there helpless as they ransack the fridge and scream at their video games? Are you tied to a chair? Hiding in a closet, alone and scared? Considering Donner Party motives? Have no fear! Scooter is here with advice and fun activities to get the kids outside and enjoying all the wild bird activity Pinellas County has to offer!

1) Make a bird feeder: Using recycled soda bottles or milk cartons has long been a fun way to teach kids about nature and how to take care of their world by reusing things that would normally end up in a landfill. Watch the video below for a terrific craft project for kids! 

2) Make Binoculars: While older kids may also enjoy this fun and simple craft project, it is highly suitable for the younger or toddler child who is just beginning to understand their abilities and the world around them. Lots of fun for the younger child!

3)Keep a Wild Bird Log: You and your child can keep track of your wild bird visitors with a small notebook that you and your child can decorate yourselves. Use pictures of your favorite wild birds taken in your own back yard. Paste them inside the pages with the type of bird they are, the time and date you saw them and their activities through the day. Watch this video to see how you can design your very own wild bird notebook! 

4) Backyard Habitat Design: Sit down with your children and, with pad and paper in hand, design the layout of your very own backyard habitat. Discuss options for using Wild Birds Unlimited Products in your own yard to help attract the best and brightness of Florida’s wild birds.

5) Weekly Outings to Local Parks: Pinellas county is lucky to enjoy more than  its fair share of parks and preserves just waiting to be explored. From Moccasin Lake Nature Park to the Boyd Hill preserve, we are awash with opportunity to take our children from the confines of four walls and into the beautiful expanse of Florida’s featured spots! Pack a lunch, take your wild bird log book and your binoculars and enjoy an adventure out of the house and among Florida’s beautiful wild birds! 

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

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