It’s Father’s Day, 2016, Florida! Scooter Wonders, “Are Florida’s Wild Bird Dads Underrated?”

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BluebirdWe often hear about the hyper, almost maniacal, protective natures that wild bird mothers-of any species- show towards the safety and welfare of their offspring. I’m not saying Florida’s wild bird Moms are crazy taking care of their kids, just that Dads can sometimes be a hoot, too. And maybe, just maybe, they deserve some credit for some of that wacky parental behavior we usually assign solely to Moms. Let’s read about some of the ways Florida’s wild birds fathers can surprise us with their nurturing efforts and sincere defense of their wild bird babies.

We hear stories of wild bird mothers moving babies, lodging nests and guarding fledglings as they learn to fly. We see them perched in vigorous defense against cats, dogs, predatory birds, and the common and average landscaper or Girl Scout on unexpected approach towards a nesting area. We have all been there. But, as…

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