Gift Giving is for the Wild Bird Watchers!

Head to WBU Clearwater's Nature Shop to find the perfect Christmas gift!

Head to WBU Clearwater’s Nature Shop to find the perfect Christmas gift!

Let’s face it, playing Santa can be a difficult task to harness. So, consider bird watching! With parents and kids, aunts and uncles, coworkers and friends on the list, it can be hard to find that perfect gift to make each of them – or at least some of them- happy. Whether a seasoned bird watching enthusiast or a novice bird watcher who could use some upgrades, this classic hobby can be the answer to many a gift-giving problem.

With electronics taking over as the most requested item on many wish lists over the past several years, buying something complicated can be hard for those with  -shall we say, less than stellar techno-knowledge.

But, Scooter comes to the rescue with some great suggestions for that hard-to-buy-for person on your Christmas shopping list! Read on to discover why the hobby of bird watching truly is… the perfect gift!

Bird watching is a time-tested hobby. It spans genders, ages and personality types. It fits the outdoor lovers, the hermits, the social butterflies and the loners alike. It can be done from anywhere; beaches, mountain tops, apartment homes and mansions. As one of the most popular hobbies in the world, bird watching has its own calendar days dedicated to its various activities; companies that specialize in its needs; people who author books on wild bird watching topics, and local venues that host bird watching events in its honor.

For hobby enthusiasts, bird watching is a tempting blend of the socially conscientious, the natural artistry and the happenstance occurrences that only nature can provide. Bird watching can be shared and understood across the mileage of generations and social differences we all must navigate during the year, and can reawaken what some consider a lost art of social interaction among those who harbor an interest.

Grandparents can share bird watching activities with grandchildren; families can share with each other; teachers can use it to educate, and businesses can employ bird watching’s versatile qualities to promote a socially responsible aspect of their product lines.

Bird watching spans, well… everything.

Economically, bird watching remains one of the least expensive and easiest-to-do hobbies in the world. Making a feeding station is as easy as filling an empty milk jug with WBU seed. Providing a nest is doable with a few tufts of WBU nesting material and some instructions at a local Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop, while finding a bird watching venue is as effortless as walking out your own front door!

Gift giving these days doesn’t have to be an exercise in defeated ego or a challenge to greet each recipient with the shiniest, or brightest, or loudest, or best, or fastest item on the market. There is no need to grapple at storefronts and websites, searching for hours on end only to be disappointed in prices or colors, or sizes, or complicated instructions… just look outside. Look at the people you love. Connect with them… give them the gift of family and friendship… of gathering together alongside the beauty that surrounds Florida every day. Give them the tools to help them step back and let go of the fast-paced world we all must move within. Give them the timelessly classic hobby of bird watching… easy, simple and effortless.

Scooter Recommends These Christmas and Holiday Gifts Items From Wild Birds Unlimited:

*Contact Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor for availability or ordering online.

Colorful and fun WBU Seed Characters bring joy and interest to the hobby of bird watching!

Colorful and fun WBU Seed Characters bring joy and interest to the hobby of bird watching!

Give the gift of healthy and colorful seed!



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