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Week 2 of WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s Christmas Gift Product Profile: Great Feeders Make Great Gifts!

While Scooter laments the issue of finally cracking the code on the Eliminator Feeder, Vinny comfortably sits, enjoying whatever morsels he can gain from any number of the terrific feeders offered at Wild Birds Unlimited’s Clearwater/Safety Harbor location.

With Florida’s year-round temperate climate, wild bird watchers have reason to enjoy their hobby all year long! There’s no better gift to a wild bird lover than to have more birds in their backyard habitat.

A great backyard habitat will have a variety of feeders, seed and supplies to help attract Florida’s favorite back yard guests. Below are a few terrific gift ideas to help the bird lover in your life create a safe, healthy and attractive backyard habitat with feeders and quality accessories to keep them coming back for more!

Quality bird feeder

The WBU Classic Feeder is a fan favorite! Made from durable recycled materials, it’s the perfect choice for bird watchers who desire an easy to fill, easy to maintain feeder.

WBU EcoTough® Ranchette Retreat Bird Feeder picture

With a 2 gallon seed capacity and two hoppers for Suet Cakes, the WBU The EcoTough® Ranchette Retreat bird feeder provides the best of all worlds. Easy to maintain and durable, it’s a step up from the standard feeder providing just a few more feeding options to your wild bird guests!



WBU Eliminator Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder picture

As one of our most popular items, the WBU Eliminator Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder serves a valuable need when it comes to saving seed for the birds as opposed to Scooter’s marauding gangs! This is the perfect gift for those who live in areas where squirrels can pose an invasive problem in a backyard habitat. Sorry Scooter! It’s a top seller this time of year!

These feeders provide a healthy and safe alternative to commercially available feeders that don’t maintain the same quality standards of construction as those provided by Wild Birds Unlimited. With their durability, solid designs and bird-friendly options, they’re the perfect gift for Florida’s wild bird enthusiasts who take their bird feeding seriously!

Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor welcomes you to come by the store and see all of their feeders, accessories and options for a successful, year-round backyard habitat!


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