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Scooter is Talkin’ Turkey for Thanksgiving! Florida’s Own Osceola Turkey!

Put down the knives and forks, folks. We’re not giving out recipes on how best to prepare these Florida favorite wild birds for our Thanksgiving tables. We are, however, going to take a look at their history and learn why they are far more than just a seasonal menu item. Named after the great Indian Chief, Osceola by …

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It may be getting cold outside but, in Florida, that may be the best time for wild bird watching!

While the rest of the country is sitting doused under white blankets of ice and grim reports of snowy forecasts, here in Florida, we suffer from only its minor chill at night. This gives us an advantage that other states do not, as far as wild bird watching is concerned anyway; our wild bird watching …

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Florida’s Wild Bird Feeding and HOA Restrictions: Scooter wants to talk!

Originally posted on Northwood Commons Backyard Bird Blog!:
Florida’s wild bird watching hobby carries some responsibility. In his poem, “Mending Wall“, Robert Frost laments the purpose for a fence, stating, finally, that… “Good fences make good neighbors…” Well, so do good bird feeders! There are instances when feeding Florida’s wild birds can become – let’s…

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WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s Bird of the Month Winning Photo Subject for October: The Black-Bellied-Whistling-Duck!

Black-Bellied-Whistling-Duck October’s Bird of the Month Contest offers us this terrific winning photo from Wild Birds Unlimited Clearwater/Safety Harbor store friend and fan, J. Keeling. Here are a few fun facts about this frequent Florida flyer: The Black-Bellied-Whistling-Duck! With its long neck, unique coloring, pink legs and bright orange beak, the Black-Bellied-Whistling-Duck carries a distinctive …

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Hammock Bird Banding

A dynamic update on the Migratory Bird Banding Project in Hammock Park, Dunedin, Florida.