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Scooter is Counting Crows for Halloween…Well, not really. But He and Vinny are Pretty Interested in Them. Here’s what they discovered!

American Crows have long since garnered a rather unpleasant reputation as harbingers of some loathsome doom. But, just like Florida’s bats and our vultures, this reputation is based mostly on folklore and a harsh misunderstanding of the species themselves. While many probably wouldn’t grimace toward an American Crow as they would a Vulture, and while …

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Sage Old Owls: Florida’s Favorite Burrowing Owl Residents

From Disney cartoons to horror movies, owls have haunted media for centuries; especially as backdrop for Halloween venues. Using their bright, large eyes and signature “Hoot-Hoot” calls as advertising, companies have successfully spread the word on the friendly and welcoming persona of these amiable animals. Even Wild Birds Unlimited enjoys its very own live streaming …

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Florida’s Street Sweepers -Vultures- Clearing the Way for a Healthy Pinellas County Halloween!

We’ve all seen them, and probably have held the same visceral reaction : GROSS! There they are, as we walk or drive by… their heads bobbing in and out the cavities of long dead carcasses on the road sides. It’s not exactly a welcoming sight to Florida’s visitors… nor to our permanent Pinellas County area …

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Scooter’s Top 4 Favorite Halloween Movies: Terrors from Above! Vinny’s Feathers are Ruffled!

This Halloween, let’s succumb to the stories of legendary flying beasts and delight in the chills they give us. While we know they’re balderdash (Scooter’s new favorite word…) one must admit that these stories do successfully creep us out and, while they may be far-fetched, they make for a great night on our favorite couch, …

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It’s October in Florida! Time For… Weird, Wild Bird (and other) Profiles! Scooter Aint Skeere’d!

Thanksgiving has Turkeys. Christmas has Cardinals and Doves. But Halloween tops them all with a load of fun and interesting –some would say, “creepy”– flying denizens of the sky just waiting to swoop down and wreak havoc on…. seed stores and bugs! What? Did you think we’d suggest something more sinister? Naaahhh… most fears related to …

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Hammock Bird Banding

A dynamic update on the Migratory Bird Banding Project in Hammock Park, Dunedin, Florida.