florida's ruby throated hummingbird

WBU in Clearwater/Safety Harbor has a WINNER for August’s Bird of the Month Contest!

Just in time for their arrival. Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor announces that its Facebook Bird of the Month Contest’s winning photo bird subject is a Florida favorite this time of year…. the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird!

PW Fenton sends us this beautiful picture of this Ruby at his feeder.


florida's ruby throated hummingbird

PW Fenton Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Bird of the Month Winning Photo for August!

He writes, “My daughter gave me a small Hummingbird feeder as a gift and it sat in its box for many months. When I finally hung it up at the edge of my backyard patio, it only took two days to attract a following. I took this picture with a long lense from only about 10 feet away. I can’t wait for them to start showing up this fall.” For his submission, he has won a $20 dollar gift card from Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor, Florida.

Rubies are a sometimes, depending upon location, year-round guest here in Florida. Along the state’s southern edges, ranging down towards Miami and sometimes even into the Key islands, Hummers have been known to enjoy Florida’s balmy temps for their year round pleasure. But, really… who wouldn’t, right?

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are sometimes mistaken for the Anna’s Hummingbird. While similar in size and stature, Anna’s Hummingbirds have a deep, iridescent purple throat area while Rubies have a “ruby” or deep red colored neck. Hence their name.

Although adult Rubies are partial to, and often eat, their insect treats, nectar is their preferred food source. While the young are fed a variety of insects, their sweet-toothed cravings for nectar provide adults with the high energy food source they require to supplement their diets in preparation for their long migration trek into Mexico and South America.

WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Florida

Ruby Throated Hummingbird Easy Facts:

Rubies are about 3 inches long from beak tip to tail’s end and they weigh a mighty… 1/4 of an ounce!

Rubies are Florida’s most common Hummingbird guest with its cousins, the Rufous and the Black Chinned, coming in a close second.

Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds lead their mates with their Florida arrivals in March while the females come a week or so after.

You can help compile data about Florida’s Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds by recording and reporting data about their movements and activities to Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology and its NestWatch program.

vinny the wbu clearwater mascotVinny the Racing Pigeon finds them… aloof and pretentious! Scooter the squirrel has no opinion as long as he gets their food.

Ruby Throated Hummers are among some of Florida’s top most awaited wild bird guests. Because of this, Wild Birds Unlimited suggests preparing now for their arrival. WBU in Clearwater/Safety Harbor carries a full line of Hummingbird feeders, food and nesting materials to help ensure your backyard habitat is Ruby-Throated Hummingbird ready!

Wild Birds unlimited would also like to thank and recognize its other Facebook fan Bird of the Month Photo Submissions for the month of August!

David Campbell Wild Birds Unlimited Clearwater Bom Photos August

david campbell mocking bom aug

Wild Birds Unlimited Facebook Fan, David Campbell sends us these great pictures of his backyard guests, “Birtie” the Mockingbird, “Charlie” the Woodpecker and “Harriet” the Egret!

davd campbell great egret bom aug

Facebook Fan Jeneanne Keeling sends us this terrific Blue Jay photo! His curious expression says it all!

Florida Blue Jay

Store friend and fan, Laura Heric submitted these beautiful shots of Nanday Conures and her own Ruby-Throated Hummer visitor!

laura heric ruby throated bom aug florida hummer and nanday conures at feeders

Our good friend, Sharon Humphries, shares her picture of these fun Purple Finches having a ball at her feeder!

florida purple finches

wbu clearwater safety harbor florida

As you can see, we have much to be thankful for here in Florida. Clearwater/Safety Harbor and all the Pinellas and North Pinellas County areas are a host to a wide and rich variety of some of the world’s most beautiful wild bird species. Joining in on Wild Birds Unlimited’s Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s Facebook Bird of the Month photo contest helps to educate and enlighten Florida’s guests and residents in the many interesting facets and aspects of Florida’s wild bird populations. We thank all our participants for helping us to spread the word about these beautiful and graceful animals!

Look here for more information on how you can become a Facebook fan and join in on our monthly Bird of the Month Contests!

WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Florida

*ALL submitted photos may be used in conjunction with WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor promotion/product activities including the BoM contest. Photos will be featured onsite, on our blog and Facebook pages. No photos will be altered by WBU Clearwater or its assigned agents and, with the exception of re-sizing beyond our control via Facebook or sizing to fit other applicable pages, will not have credits removed, be cropped, Photoshopped or otherwise altered and will be used in as-submitted condition by WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor. For questions related to their use, contact m.aikens@clicknquillcontent.com

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