Scooter says, “This Aint No Cartoon, Sylvester!” Keep Those Cats Inside!

Scooter is fluffing his nest this week. Please enjoy this previous post and join us again next week for a new post from WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s Northwood Commons Backlot Preserve!

Northwood Commons Backyard Bird Blog!

sylvester and tweety

I did'na mean ta' dew it! I'm just... a cat! I did’na mean ta’ dew it! I’m just bein’… a cat!

As much as we’d like to think of our furry kittens as simple balls of fluff intently embroiled in balls of yarn and jingly little balls, that’s not quite accurate. No matter the breed, no matter the inclination, no matter the training… a cat, is a cat, is a cat and, well… they kill things. It’s what they do. It’s an instinct that can’t be removed via negative-breeding or positive reinforcement via Kitty Treats Vs. a Tasty Lizard… uh-uh. Won’t work. A cat would slap the treats away and lunge at your jugular to get to the lizard… no “Howdy-Do” given!

cat ” What?The dog did it.”

They are an ingenious, beautiful, natural design meant to stalk prey and kill for survival. This doesn’t mean they’re bad. This doesn’t mean they’re evil. This doesn’t mean they’re being unfair to…

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