July’s Wild Birds Unlimited Bird of the Month Photos are Scooter Certified Favorites!

July’s Bird of the Month Contest was a great success with lots of terrific pictures of Florida’s favorite wild birds. These photos, taken by ordinary Florida neighbors and friends of the WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor branch, exemplify the everlasting beauty and grace of Florida’s favorite wild bird visitors. We thank all of our Facebook friends and store fans for submitting their photos. Every picture tells a story of its wild bird subject. Calm and still, or graceful and sleek… strong and wing-swept… these photos give us an inside peek at nature and its wild bird denizens as they truly are, natural, beautiful and interesting. Thanks to all those who joined in the fun to help Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor bring insight and education to Florida’s wild bird backyard visitors!


Ryan Jacobs sent his WINNING photo of this Nanday Parakeet and earned a $20 dollar gift card from the WBU in Clearwater/Safety Harbor. Ryan was lucky enough to have had three of them visiting this feeder! Nandays, although noisy in their groups, provide a very tropical setting when visiting our backyard habitats. To attract them (Don’t resist! They’re fun to watch if you’re not trying to nap!)… provide fresh fruit, nuts, raisins, berries and meal worms. Because of this preference, WBU in Clearwater/Safety Harbor suggests a diet of their Nuts and Berries No Melt Suet. This wild bird diet consists of berries, nuts and fruit in a no-melt peanut base (not lard) and it’s perfect for these delightful and entertaining birds!

bom july 2014 JM Keeling Morning dove

Jeannine Keeling shared her photo of this Mourning Dove taken right in WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s Northwood Commons Backlot Preserve. Its graceful stature and gentle “cooing” call is shared among its entire species, making them a lovely sight to see in our yards. Mourning Doves are ground feeders whose diet consists of 99% seed! Because they are primarily ground feeders, Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor suggests its Eco Tough tray feeder affixed to a pole system like our WBU EcoTough® Catch-a-Seed Tray Bird Feeder. For use with pole-mounted bird feeders, this option is designed specifically for ground feeding birds who require a large area in which to hunt and peck for food.

bom july 2014 sharon humphries female cardinal

Sharon Humphries shared this delightful photo of a female cardinal she has named “Peggy”, as she visits every morning at Sharon’s feeder. Peggy is certainly enjoying Sharon’s offerings at her backyard habitat! Cardinals, one of the most photographed species of birds in the world, enjoy feeding on a variety of foods including seeds, fruits, nuts and insects. Since they are partial to Black Oil Sunflower seeds, WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor suggests serving up any number of our specially designed seed blends. Oil Sunflower is the most common staple in all of our seed mixes so choosing any blend for your Cardinal guests is a great choice!

bom july 2014 pw fenton northern cardinals

PW Fenton sends us this gorgeous pair of birds in love! Male and Female Northern Cardinals are the centerpiece in this photo he has titled, “Romance at the Feeder”, for obvious reasons.  Cardinals are thought to remain paired for life in a monogamous match and marriage until death. However, some studies suggest that this is not entirely true. They may mate and pair while breeding and raising young, but they are known to practice social monogamy in which both male and female pair and mate with other birds outside of the initial pair bond. Shocker!! However, for the sake of romance, WBU in Clearwater/Safety Harbor suggests WBU Woolies Bundles nesting material for the chance that romance stays put!

Thanks to all who participated in Wild Birds Unlimited’s Bird of the Month (BoM) Contest for the month of July. Join, and like us, on Facebook for an opportunity to share your (UNEDITED, NONPROFESSIONAL) wild bird photo for your chance to WIN a $20 dollar gift card from WBU in Clearwater/Safety Harbor, Florida.

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