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Check Out the new pics of Scooter’s Northwood Commons Backlot Bachelor Pad!

backlot seating areaLook at this great spot overlooking WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s backlot area of the Northwood Commons Shopping Center. I mean, can it get any better than this in Florida?

Scooter says, “Heck, No!”

Excited to show off the most current growth and wildlife in his backlot preserve area, Scooter grabbed a camera and, with the help of Nate Albritton of Wild Birds Unlimited, was able to capture some beautiful shots of some of Florida’s lush greenery and happy backyard habitat visitors! We invite you to come by the store… and to take a minute to sit, relax and enjoy all that Florida has to offer right in our own backyards!

Lush foliage native to Florida offers ground cover for not only ground feeding wild birds like Juncos, Quail and Sparrows but also for their fur-covered cousins and Scooter relations like squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits – all of whom often frequent WBU Clearwater’s Northwood Commons Backlot.

This small stream offers a critical and beneficial water source for WBU’s Northwood Commons Backlot visitors! Turtles, small fish, lizards and, yes… snakes, call this home – along with the various birds and furry characters who need the water for drinking as well as bathing along its edges. Gorgeous!

A variety of wild bird feeders which include WBU Safety Harbor’s Dinner Bell bird seed feeder, cage and cylinder bird seed feeders, along with a tube and small tray feeder attached to a WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Advanced Pole System, provides all visitors with a turn at the wild bird dinner table!

Sorry Scooter! That baffle is sure to cause a problem for you!

The large and healthy trees that line and canopy the backlot provide perching, nesting and hunting areas for the backlot’s residents. While some of Florida’s natural inhabitant; snakes, lizards and various birds of prey, can give us pause -not to mention a few shivers up the spine- even Scooter welcomes their presence on the grounds and in the trees. A good sign of a healthy backyard habitat, one suitable and sustainable for Florida’s wildlife residents, will have a wide and active variety of natural wildlife. The Northwoods Commons backlot is a prime example of just such an area!

Come enjoy it with us today!

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

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