No Room For a Backyard Habitat? Scooter says, “Don’t be Nuts!” Here are 5 Great Ways to Make Your Own in any Small Space!

Scooter is off plotting the overthrow of Clearwater’s local seed stores! Please enjoy his prior post on designing great backyard habitats in smaller spaces!

Northwood Commons Backyard Bird Blog!


Even with the expansive Northwood Commons Back Lot as his home, Scooter still has a few issues with those tiny, tight spots we all must deal with in our Florida homes. Corners by the pools and odd-shaped decks or patios that wrap around to, well… nowhere, can be problematic for those who would enjoy an easier view of Florida’s wild birds.

However, all is not lost! Whether you have a small deck or patio… live in an apartment, or just wish to have a smaller, more manageable venue to attract Florida’s wild birds for your bird watching hobby, Scooter and Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor have the answer.

Believe it or not, some of the loveliest backyard habitats come in some pretty small spaces. Take a look at a few of these great ideas:

aps on deckaps deck flowersAll of these beautiful APS Feeder set ups are examples of what can be done…

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