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Wanna See Scooter’s… “Hooters?”

barred baby owls

Ha! Gotch’ya! No… not those “Hooters”! These Hooters! The Wild Birds Unlimited Barred owl family!

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"Get yer minds out'ta the gutter!"

“Get yer minds out’ta the gutter!”

Of all the lovely birds on the planet, none carries quite the mystique as does an owl. Any owl. According to the World Owl Trust’s website, calculating the exact number of owl species has proven difficult but, through a collection of estimates gathered, changed and revised over the last few decades, the WOT sets its estimate at 217 various species of owls located all over the world.

Scooter says, “Wow! That’s allot’a hooters!”

Barred Owl Nesting Box

Barred Owl Nesting Box

Wild Birds Unlimited has a soft spot for these noble and beautiful animals. Having set up a nest box in his own backyard in 1999, Founder of Wild Birds Unlimited’s company, Jim Carpenter, along with WBU Corporate’s partner, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has shared the insights and events offered by this close-up view of one of nature’s most mesmerizing creatures, the Barred Owl. In March of this year, the WBU owl box captured a female, unbanded, barred owl as she inspected the box. Upon her approval, the male came and nest building began. Since both birds are unbanded, we have no way of knowing if these birds have been the same pair seen in prior years but, the WBU family of franchises are happy to welcome them!

Barred Owl Babies

Barred Owl Babies

The first egg was laid on March 7th with two subsequent eggs arriving on March 9th and then a third and last egg on March 12th. Although owls can lay up to 5 eggs in a clutch, two to three is the average. By April 11th, 2014, all the eggs have hatched and are thriving well. After a contest was held, the names “Wynken”, “Blynken” and “Nod” were chosen and a new owl family was welcomed into the WBU family brood.

burrowing owls

Broward County Burrowing Owls

But Florida isn’t without its own interests in owls. Known for their burrowing proficiency, Florida’s Burrowing owls, relatives of the western variety which uses gopher holes as their residences, peaks the interests of many in Florida’s wild bird watching community. These lovely little birds are also featured in live streaming videos provided by Birding Adventures’ live cameras, the Broward County Burrowing Owl cams have captured moments in the lives of these smaller than average owls to the delight of many Floridians.


The Kardashian’s have nothin’ on Scooter’s Hooters!

So, as summer approaches and the clothes become sparse in Florida’s rising temperatures, remind your friends that your “hooters” are more popular than theirs and then show them pictures of Wynken, Blynken and Nod so that they too can become fans of WBU’s beloved Barred Owls!


Want to enjoy more of the WBU Barred owls? Click on the picture below for great, live streaming video of these and other beautiful creatures courtesy of Wild Birds Unlimited Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s Streaming Video Page!

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