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Flying While Intoxicated? Fact or Fiction? Oh… It’s a Fact!

It’s a question many of Florida’s wild bird watchers wonder about. We grew up hearing about robins, in particular, who consume so many locally native berries that they become drunk, disoriented, and flounder on the ground. But, is this true? Can Florida’s wild birds really eat so many berries they actually become drunk? According to …

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It’s a Party! Come See Scooter at Wild Birds Unlimited’s Open House in Clearwater!

      Scooter invites all of our Wild Birds Unlimited fans to join him and all the gang at the annual Spring Open House at Wild Birds Unlimited’s Nature Shop in Clearwater/Safety Harbor! Check out these great details! Saturday, April 26th, 2014 from Noon to 4:00 PM. Wild Birds Unlimited of Safety Harbor/Clearwater is celebrating …

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Easter and Chicks and Ducklings, Oh My! Scooter says, “Stop the Madness!”

It’s a tender -nearly Rockwellian- vision to be sure; Florida’s young children gathered around a pastel-colored Easter basket filled with fuzzy, squirming ducklings or chicks chirping for their mothers. The children, dressed in Sunday best, all giggling and squealing at the young feathered babies labeled with ribbons, are eager to scoop them up for a …

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Scooter’s Top Ten Ways to get Florida’s kids to Turn off the Games and Tune into Bird Watching!

Ever wonder what goes through a kid’s mind as they sit there, glued to their handheld device? Scooter’s guess is…”Not much!” And truly, “not much” is probably right.  According to WebMD as well as Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Website for healthy living, children who over-play these games aren’t in fact, “playing” at all. They’re sitting and …

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Scooter says, “This Aint No Cartoon, Sylvester!” Keep Those Cats Inside!

As much as we’d like to think of our furry kittens as simple balls of fluff intently embroiled in balls of yarn and jingly little balls, that’s not quite accurate. No matter the breed, no matter the inclination, no matter the training… a cat, is a cat, is a cat and, well… they kill things. …

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Hammock Bird Banding

A dynamic update on the Migratory Bird Banding Project in Hammock Park, Dunedin, Florida.