No Room For a Backyard Habitat? Scooter says, “Don’t be Nuts!” Here are 5 Great Ways to Make Your Own in any Small Space!


Even with the expansive Northwood Commons Back Lot as his home, Scooter still has a few issues with those tiny, tight spots we all must deal with in our Florida homes. Corners by the pools and odd-shaped decks or patios that wrap around to, well… nowhere, can be problematic for those who would enjoy an easier view of Florida’s wild birds.

However, all is not lost! Whether you have a small deck or patio… live in an apartment, or just wish to have a smaller, more manageable venue to attract Florida’s wild birds for your bird watching hobby, Scooter and Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor have the answer.

Believe it or not, some of the loveliest backyard habitats come in some pretty small spaces. Take a look at a few of these great ideas:

aps on deckaps deck flowersAll of these beautiful APS Feeder set ups are examples of what can be done with just a small amount of space! Amazing, huh? And, as you can see, the Advanced Pole System can be used for plants, feeders and houses for all of your favorite Florida wild birds to enjoy. Whether a deck, small space, apartment, porch or patio, there is a product available for you to create and enjoy your own backyard habitat even in the smallest of spaces!
aps deck pink flowersCheck out Scooter’s Top 5 Ways to create a beneficial backyard habitat in even the smallest of spaces:

wbu advanced pole system1. Plan accordingly. If you live in a multi-housing unit like a condo or apartment dwelling, check first to make sure bird feeding is not restricted. If not, we suggest using the Advanced Pole System, for both ground and above-ground level homes with decks or balcony areas. The APS can be affixed easily to any balcony or deck railing, keeping it free from predators like cats and pests (Sorry, Scooter!) like squirrels or chipmunks. Feeding trays are available as accessories and will help catch seeds and droppings from falling to lower level areas. 

2. Place the set-up as far from any doorways as possible so birds will feel comfortable making use of your habitat. aps set upBecause the APS is modular, even plants can be hung on multiple levels making a wonderful perching spot for many of Florida’s preferred wild bird visitors.

3.hummingbird feeder wbu Have a preferred bird you’d like to see more than others? It’s OK to admit it. We all have them and there’s no shame in catering to our favorite Florida wild birds. Even Scooter has his Northwood Commons “pets”!  Hummingbirds, for example, prefer an easy to reach feeder which provides them with an opportunity to “float” above a feeding location. Because their legs have little strength to perch for too long, WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor suggests their High or Low-Perch Hummingbird Feeders. Easily placed on an APS or hung from a balcony support, this feeder makes an inviting meal for many Florida hummingbirds.

wbu hanging nest box

4. Make a cozy breeding spot with a bird house or nesting box. Many common Florida wild birds, like house wrens and blue birds love a cozy spot. WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor has a wide variety of hanging, stationary and APS accessory nesting boxes and wild bird houses for use on decks and patios where space may be at a premium. These make for a wonderful addition to a small backyard habitat area as many of Florida’s wild birds will repeat-breed in the same spot bringing year-round joy to your wild bird watching hobby. Make sure to add a bit of supplemental nesting materials, too!

5.wbu bird bath cardinals Mix it up! Using a variety of hanging plants, nesting materials, feeders and houses will make for an extraordinary backyard habitat even in a smaller space. Using hanging plants not only adds to the beauty of the habitat design, but meal worms can also be placed inside the plants to offer a more challenging hunting opportunity for birds like titmice and blue jays who may prefer a tasty treat! Try adding a lovely bird bath, too! WBU in Clearwater/Safety Harbor has a great selection of baths perfect for small spaces! Bird baths provide an excellent source for a bathing spot as well as a water source during Florida’s hotter days.


With the right bird watching tools, you’ll see that big things can, indeed, come in small packages. Birds know no bounds of space and they recognize no grand exploit above a smaller one. Whether a mansion or a duplex… from a seashore to a metro balcony, with the proper supplies from Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor, Florida’s wild birds can be fostered and enjoyed no matter the location. Pop into the Clearwater WBU Nature Shop today and find out how you can create a custom-designed backyard habitat in your small space!

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