Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor, Marches into Spring!! Scooter is excited!

Pinellas County has perfect bird watching venues!

Pinellas County has perfect bird watching venues!

It’s March and that means… Spring is on its way at Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor! Florida’s wild birds, bees and Scooter Squirrel relations are all fighting for the best spot in our backyard habitats. It’s a match of furry and feathered wits, to be sure! So, if you’d like to escape the carnage for a bit, and enjoy some wild bird watching outside of the battlegrounds, why not check out a few of March’s wild bird events in the Pinellas and North Pinellas county Florida areas?

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Take a peek at all of these great local wild bird watching Pinellas County events for the month of March!

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg, Florida is busy in the month of March with this great activity:  March 08, 2014  and March 09, 2014 is the 10th Annual Wildlife Weekend at Boyd Hill! Come out to enjoy a tram ride or a leisurely stroll and learn all about some of Florida’s most interesting critters… furry or feathered! Eye wear is available to borrow. This is a popular event in the Pinellas county area and is perfect for Florida’s wild bird lovers who especially enjoy bringing the kids along!

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk

Brooker Creek Preserve in Tarpon Springs brings Florida’s raptors close to home with: Family Wild Life Series Part IV: Birds of Prey. Starting on March, 15th, 10:30-12 noon, this guided presentation offers attendees a chance to learn all about the importance of Florida’s birds of prey. You will gain an in-depth understanding of their mating habits, food (Watch out Scooter!) and habitat as well as learn how to recognize each species from flight to perch!

 Scooter’s not too happy about that one.

The Weedon Island Preserve in St.Petersburg offers neighbors this great wild bird watching event with the Great Weedon Bird Quest, 2014.  Held March 14th, this wild bird watching activity provides attendees an opportunity to learn all about Florida’s wild bird’s identifying marks which can sometimes cause confusion for wild bird watching hobbyists. As you learn about how to properly identify Florida’s wild birds, you can help the Weedon Island Preserve in its important efforts to log and count all the birds seen during the afternoon so they may keep an accurate record on all of Florida’s more consistent feathered residents.


Do you have the inside scoop on any local wild bird watching events in the month of March? We’d love to hear about them! Join our Facebook page and let everyone know!

No matter what the location or the activity, joining with local family and friends at any one of Pinellas County’s beautiful parks and preserves will make for a great start to any spring day! Be sure to stop by Wild Birds Unlimited in Clearwater/Safety Harbor to ask about our quality wild bird watching products, perfectly designed for the avid and experienced wild bird watcher or novice beginner. Whether in-store or online, we carry a wide range of quality wild bird watching supplies including acclaimed wild bird guides from Sibley and Peterson’s as well as optics like binoculars, digiscopes, tripods and support accessories especially suited for all of Florida’s wild bird watching venues and needs!

Photo            Photo            Photo

These are a few of our optics available in-store . Come in and try out an optics fitting with Carl or Karen and the great staff at WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Nature Shop!

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

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