Florida’s Wild Bird Photography: So Easy, Even a Squirrel Can Do It!

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature ShopIt’s undeniable that Florida’s wild bird population is one of the most spectacular in the world. Scooter gets jealous! Photographers from all over the world flock here, no pun intended, to enjoy Florida’s numerous venues which afford them with some spectacular, one of a kind photographic opportunities.

Not since Audubon’s Illustrated books covering our many beautiful Florida wild bird species, has there been such an opportunity to share their breeding, nesting, feeding and migratory habits as they live in or migrate through Florida’s inviting shores.

With the advent of YouTube, Facebook and a multitude of blog sites at its disposal, the art of avian photography and videography has taken its rightful place at the forefront of what used to be a mostly cloistered enclave of picture sharing between only those in the field. Now, this fascinating medium within the world of artistic expression is easily shared in real-time or at their leisure by those who enjoy its many advantages.

Florida’s novice wild bird lovers, avid wild bird enthusiasts and expert or amateur wild bird photographers can each have a hand in sharing Florida’s wild bird subjects with the world in an instant. The layman can, at the turn of a hand, snap a photo of a common bird and turn it into a wonderful experience to be shared among those who enjoy a common interest. Expert mechanics of the hobby; extensive camera gear, eyewear and visual aids, while excellent for the more professional wild bird watcher, are no longer needed by those who just plain like to look at birds and may, every so often, get the chance to snap a photo to share the beauty of the subject at hand.

Below are a few Florida wild bird videos and WBU fan pics that Scooter feels exemplify the art and skill behind what can be a simple observation turned unique opportunity by any person who sees the beauty beyond the lens.

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

Scooter found this great YouTube Video of a Male Downey Woodpecker. Downloaded on December, 5th, 2010 by Grant Langhus in Tampa, Florida.

                                                                                                             Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor friend and fan, Melissa James, submitted this inspiring video on our Facebook page. Having gained their trust over a matter of weeks, Melissa was able to feed this Titmouse by hand as it eagerly gathered the mealworms to feed its young. Click on the image below to watch! Beautiful! 

melissa james titmouse feeding


The simple photos below were captured by other WBU Clearwater fans and shared on our Facebook pages. They show how easy it is to snap some truly great pictures of some of Florida’s favorite wild birds. With a small amount of patience, the proper products from WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor and some stealth movements, anyone can share in the delight and artistry of Florida’s wild bird beauty! Thanks to ALL of our talented WBU friends for sharing these terrific pictures! Click on the thumbnails for an even closer look.

H (2)

This group of pictures was taken by local Clearwater avian photographer, David Mounsey in our Northwood Commons Back Lot.

Marie Lloyd Crowley

Thanks to our FB Fan, Marie Lloyd Crowley, for sharing this picture of what looks like a Yellow Throated Warbler (Corrections anyone?) perched on her APS feeder. That’s a tiny bird. Good eye, Marie!

Melissa James carolina wren hand feeding

As you can see, along with hand-feeding the Titmouse in the video above, our friend, Melissa James, also feeds this Carolina Wren. Dogs may have Cesar Millan, but we’re starting to think that Florida’s wild birds have Melissa James!

finches on feeders michelle fanello papes

             Michelle Fanello Papes, another WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor fan snapped this great picture of a variety of Florida’s favorite wild birds enjoying their Wild Birds Unlimited’s feeders! The contrast between the red of the Cardinal and the green of the grass is striking.

Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop

As you can see, folks, its as easy as 1-2-3 to snap a terrific shot of our favorite Florida wild birds. A few pointers for a successful shot would be:

  • Good feeding stations with quality seed and feed placed in a proper and safe setting where birds may gather continuously.
  • Clean, safe and well-groomed backyard habitat.
  • Join a camera club like the Suncoast Camera Club right here in Clearwater Florida.
  • An understanding of migration patterns of certain wild bird species helps.
  • A good camera or even a phone with a camera is ideal to have. Binoculars are nice to have, too. Wild Birds Unlimited carries a wide range of quality optics. Make sure to use the Image Stabilization on your camera to ensure a less blurry shot of your subject.
  • Patience, patience, patience. And, after that… practice patience.
  • Advice from a Ninja on how to sneak up as close to your wild bird subject as possible without being pooped on!                                              

          Here’s a Scooter photo bomb! “Hey! What am I? Chopped liver? Take my picture!”

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