Wild Birds Unlimited’s Northwood Commons Backyard Habitat: Take a look at Scooter’s new digs!

WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor owners, Carl and Karen Albritton

WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor owners, Carl and Karen Albritton


Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop




When Carl and Karen Albritton opened their Wild Birds Unlimited’s Nature Shop in Clearwater/Safety Harbor, Florida, they noticed what could be a grand opportunity for Florida’s wild bird population and their WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor fans; the incredible natural space in the store’s back lot area. Located in the Northwood Commons Shopping Center on McMullen Booth Rd. in Clearwater, the back lot, otherwise known as “Scooter’s Abode”… with its natural stream and lush native Florida plant life proved an excellent source for creating a one-of-a-kind backyard habitat. This area, designed to provide both feeding and nesting habitats for Florida’s native and visiting wild bird populations, exemplifies Wild Birds Unlimited’s commitment to the health and safety of Florida’s wild bird population and its related eco-structure.


red shoulder hawk wbu

This red-shouldered hawk and its mate often frequent the Northwood Commons back lot to feed and perch in comfort and safety. Beautiful birds!

High among the branches of the many oaks and pines that shade the foliage below, sits a red shouldered hawk. A frequent visitor to the Northwood Commons back lot, he and his mate often survey the area (much to Scooter’s dismay) in an effort to feed. During the grand opening, many natural visitors paid their respects including a red rat snake which inched its way up the side of a tree to the amazement of the grand opening guests.

Scooter... plotting the overthrow!

Scooter… plotting the overthrow!

Many of Florida’s wide-ranging native animals call the Northwood Commons Back Lot , home. Most notably, though, thanks to the WBU Clearwater products, are the birds; Florida’s beautiful and abundant variety of wild birds frequent the back lot every day -all day- rain or shine. With the WBU APS feeder set up, the birds will never run out of quality seed and suet to keep them healthy.

Even Scooter and his pals are given their own feeding tools! That is not to say, of course, that they stay away from the APS and other feeders… this is Scooter’s domain so, of course, the efforts at cracking into the feeders are endless and entertaining. Home to a variety of reptiles including common anoles and, yes… snakes, the back lot also serves as a means of breeding ground for Florida’s furry friends like Scooter’s family of (rather portly, according to Karen…) squirrels and their related cousins; rabbits and chipmunks.

The covered seating area offers back lot guests a wonderful view of Florida's wildlife!

The covered seating area offers back lot guests a wonderful view of Florida’s wildlife!

Guests to the WBU store are invited to walk to the back door where they may enjoy the quiet and serene
The wild birds enjoy Wild Birds Unlimited's Advanced Pole feeding system feeder! But, Scooter? Not so much!

The wild birds enjoy Wild Birds Unlimited’s Advanced Pole feeding system feeder! But, Scooter? Not so much!

 views for themselves. The covered observation deck offers comfortable, shaded seating for safe viewing of the natural wonders that occur behind our store.

We’re very proud of the process of turning what was once an overgrown and neglected property, into a wonderful oasis in the middle of town where we can sit, relax and enjoy all the natural beauty that Florida has to offer! Come visit us today, see Scooter and his antics and just enjoy the natural surroundings and Florida’s exquisite wild birds in their new Wild Birds Unlimited Northwood Commons backyard habitat.

      Check back again for the new page with exclusive photos of the back lot and all its happenings!

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