When in doubt, ask a Squirrel!

Excuse me! We're running low on nuts out here!

Excuse me! We’re running low on nuts out here!

“Scooter”, an Eastern Gray Squirrel, is just one of the delightful animals that reside behind the Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in Clearwater/Safety Harbor. As you can see, he’s a bold guy who has no issue with coming to our WBU door looking for a free meal. Scooter enjoys the company of various species of birds drawn to the beautiful observation area built onto the backlot of the Northwood Commons Shopping Center in Clearwater.

Since Scooter seems to have taken up consistent residence in the store’s backlot, we decided he should earn his weight -in nuts and seed. We have assigned him the task of hosting the WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Nature Shop’s new blog, the “Northwood Commons Backyard Bird Blog”.

As a native of Clearwater, Florida, we’re pretty sure Scooter will have the inside skinny on all the great bird-related news, advice, events and happenings in the North Pinellas County, Florida areas, as well as throughout the state.

As a resident of the store itself, Scooter will make sure Northwood Commons Backyard Bird Blog readers are made aware of current store specials, store events, great products and all the wild bird happenings and goings-on in the Northwood Commons backlot!

We’re pretty sure Scooter’s excited about his new job and we welcome you to read all about his adventures in the Northwood Commons backlot and his expert advice on how you can use Wild Birds Unlimited Clearwater/Safety Harbor’s great products to attract the most beautiful birds to your backyard habitat!

Are there things you think Scooter should talk about? Feel Free to let him know!

Take a look at Scooter’s home behind the WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Nature Shop at the Northwood Commons observation area, then come visit us yourself to see Scooter and all the wonderful wildlife who enjoy the comforts of home behind the Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in Clearwater/Safety Harbor:


Scooter’s trying very hard to figure out just how to break into the WBU Eliminator Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. While we’re sure it’s a frustrating exploit for Scooter and his pals, it sure is fun to watch!


Scooter has the best seat in the house as he overlooks the Northwood Commons Observation area!


This stream meanders throughout the Northwood Commons Backlot behind the WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor store. It’s home to various turtles and, of course, provides a water source for Scooter and his many native neighbors.


Scooter was excited to see the Observation Deck being constructed behind the WBU Clearwater/Safety Harbor Nature Shop. It’s almost complete, spans the length of the Northwood Commons backlot, and will include an awning cover to provide serene shade for visitors!


The pond and its fountain make for a beautiful and relaxing scene for Northwood Commons visitors, but it also ensures the water stays flowing and fresh for the many native animals who reside in the backlot. Scooter approves!

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